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2015-16 Greenstrip Project


The purpose of a "greenstrip," also known as a fuel break, is to slow the spread of fire by replacing plants that are quick to spread fire with fire-resistant grasses and wildflowers.   

The greenstrip will reduce the likelihood of a fire starting along East Barber Drive and spreading into the foothills.  Our goal is to protect both homes and wildlife habitat. 

The greenstrip will be established on approximately 4.5 acres of land just north of the East Barber Road. The total length is approximately .25 miles and runs from the Harris Ranch property line to the west and east to the Ranch corrals.

Establishing and Maintaining the Greenstrip

1.  Remove fine grass fuels to reduce the competition for fire-resistant plants
February 2, 2015 – Rent goats to reduce standing dead medusahead and cheatgrass. This will enhance the effectiveness of the subsequent herbicide treatments.  
Early March 2015 - Apply a mixture of non-toxic EPA approved herbicide to the area.
October 2015 - Evaluate the greenstrip area for fall green-up of medusahead and cheatgrass. Apply herbicide if significant green-up has occurred.
2.  Seed area with native and fire-resistant plants
Late October or early November 2015 - Apply seed. Two seed mixtures will be used.
Spring 2016 - Install project description sign on East Barber Drive.
3.  Monitor & Maintain 
The HRWMA will continue long-term monitoring of the seedlings and evaluate the effectiveness of the greenstrip if a wildfire does occur. Results of this project will help inform future restoration activities at Harris Ranch.

The Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association is implementing this greenstrip project as outlined in the Harris Ranch Wildlife Impact Assessment and Management Plan developed in 2007 to proactively address impacts to wildlife with the development of the Harris Ranch property.  For more information about this project, please contact us at or call 208.515.7413.   

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