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Harris Ranch continues growing and becoming  a thriving residential community. While thriving with humans, the community is surrounded with wildlife. Those lands setting around Harris Ranch are an important home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Our mission is to preserve this habitat. In the past, wildlife once used Harris Ranch property as a migration corridor. These  animals still call the surrounding lands home.   The land is  also home to a rich variety of flora.   Many plants are unique to Idaho and the  preservation of  habitat is vital to the continued survival of wildlife. 

In an effort to ensure the survival of flora and fauna, the HRWMA encourages people to respect this important habitat. When hiking in the Foothills or along the Boise River, stay on designated trails to avoid interaction with wildlife and to protect plants.  Please keep this in mind as you enjoy the Boise foothills. Leashes are required when exercising any dogs in the foothills, and monetary citations may be issued if members disregard  the ordinance. Please do your part and help protect remaining wildlife and surrounding habitat!

TRAIL INFO & TIPS: The popular Homestead Trail - part of the Boise River Wildlife Management Area (BRWMA) - is open for careful use by homeowners. The trail was closed for safety reasons after the 2016 Table Rock wildfire burned more than 2,500 acres and another 1,000 acres of wildlife habitat on the BRWMA. Be aware that due to damaged habitat, winter closure may very well occur on the BRWMA for wildlife protection. To afford the greatest protection for wildlife in any season, always have dogs leashed. Dogs chasing wildlife is a known cause of wildlife mortality particularly in the winter season but chasing is always a threat to the well being of wildlife at anytime of the year. Please be mindful and honor the sacred beauty of wildlife in our community.

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Image result for elk or mule deer in Boise River Wildlife Management AreaRelated image HARRIS RANCH WEATHER:

Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to implement the Harris Ranch Wildlife Impact Assessment and Management Plan, which prescribes actions to avoid and reduce adverse impacts to wildlife associated with development. 

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