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Wildlife Mitigation Plan


The Harris Ranch Wildlife Impact Assessment and Management Plan (Mitigation Plan) identifies impacts and provides a framework to avoid, minimize, or mitigate potential adverse impacts in areas where it is ecologically responsible and financially reasonable, and to concomitantly foster an environmentally responsible community ethic. Each of the development phases for Harris Ranch is guided by the avoid, minimize and mitigate concept:

Avoid: Identify critical habitat types and avoid development or habitat alteration in those areas. Create restrictions that would limit action within those areas

Minimize: Identify actions that potentially threaten the ongoing presence or success of a particular species, or wildlife biodiversity in general, and reduce those actions to an acceptable level.

Mitigate: Define potential actions that could be taken to enhance or create wildlife habitat in an effort to alleviate habitat loss or alteration in other areas.

 Assessment of Impacts to Wildlife

Adverse impacts are actions that threaten the survival, behavior, and reproduction of wildlife species. Adverse impacts include loss of habitat, introduction of noxious and invasive plant species, increased risk of wildland fires, and increased disturbance to wildlife caused by more traffic, noise, recreation, and pets.

   Mitigation Recommendations

  • Initiate and monitor habitat enhancement and restoration projects.
  • Implement noxious weed abatement.
  • Create a wildlife conservation and education program for Harris Ranch residents (wildlife manual, newsletter, website, interpretive signage).
  • Coordinate with cooperating organizations and agencies to bring interpretive educational seminars and presentations to Harris Ranch residents.
  • Apply for grants and matching funds to supplement a habitat conservation fund.
  • Review design of and oversee construction of fences
  • Serve as a liaison between homeowners and agencies for significant wildlife and habitat issues.
  • Enforce provisions of the habitat management plan.



 Harris Ranch Master Plan Map

Boise River Wildlife Management Area

The gray areas on the master plan mark 650 acres of open space for wildlife. There is no public access allowed, except to conduct wildlife habitat restoration projects. 

Boise River Wildlife Management Area         

Harris Ranch abuts the Boise River Wildlife Management Area (BRWMA) which provides critical winter habitat for the largest population of mule deer and elk in Southwest Idaho.

Harris Ranch 

Click here to download the Mitigation Plan


The Mitigation Plan establishes a Conservation Fund to fund mitigation programs and projects. The Conservation Fund has three sources:

  • A $300 deed transfer fee levied each time a property is sold at Harris Ranch, $200 is refunded when the homeowner, attends two community wildlife educational presentations or habitat restoration project within two years of deed transfer.
  • An annual $100 conservation fee per household is included in the homeowners association dues
  • An annual assessment on commercial property of ten-cents per square foot of commercial space.


  Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association

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