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New homeowners  have an incentive to participate in conservation education and volunteer opportunities at Harris Ranch by learning about the surroundings. Two-thirds ($200) of the three hundred deed transfer fee paid at closing is refundable to homeowners who participate in two wildlife education classes or conservation projects (each class or project is valued for $100).

Look below for Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association upcoming classes and events. To garner the full $200 refund your participation in two events is required within a two year time frame after closing on your home. 

Here is the process: to request a reimbursement, print off and complete HRWMA Participation Form for each class or project. Bring the completed form with you to  and obtain instructor signature. After attending, MAIL the completed form with signature to: HRWMA  PO Box 1949, Boise, ID 83701. Refunds are provided within 30 days of receipt.

Click here for form: HRWMA Participation Form                                                                                            

Forms can be mailed directly upon request contact us :info@hrwma.org

PLEASE NOTE: CURRENT CLASSES CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS! Classes run from February through May and then resume again in September through November with the exception of the " North American Bird Feeder Watch" that begins in October and finishes in April.

Mitigation Refunds
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  Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association

   PO Box 1949
   Boise, ID 83701
   (208) 515-7413

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