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Wild Useful Plants Around Boise

  • 11/22/2014
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center

Wild Useful Plants Around Boise

This class will take you out and show you how to harvest the bounty of the land. Wild edibles are so abundant in many locations and many people around the world live in hunger simply because they have a lack of knowledge about the plants around them.

This is a very hands-on oriented workshop that will take us on walks in several different types of ecosystems so that you are prepared to find food in almost any environment.

Students will have the opportunity to taste the plants we cover so that they know and appreciate the wonderful flavors. Not only will we cover the edible uses but also the medicinal, utilitarian and various bush craft uses of wild plants.

Plant knowledge will truly change your life and the way you perceive the wilderness! This is a very comprehensive course and most students are overwhelmed with the amount of info and plant knowledge we cover so be prepared to take lots of notes and cover a lot of material.

Location: Class will meet at the Foothills Learning Center.  We will take brief breaks throughout the morning.

Bring:   Please bring a lunch, water bottle and snack.

Registration:  Registration is through Fort Boise Community Center at  You can all register by calling them at 208-608-7680 or 1-800-377-3529 (TTD/TTY).

Questions:  Any questions please contact Clay Lee 608-7684.

Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center
3188 Sunset Peak Road. 
Take 8th Street north through Boise's North End.  From the end of the pavement go 1/3 mile farther.

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